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Our club of fans of American vehicles Garage V8 Trnava is the first and largest club in Trnava, which unites owners and fans of American vehicles since 1993. As a club, we are a member of ZZHV SR (Association of Collectors of Historic Vehicles), which owns the authority of FIVA (Féderation Internationale des Véhicules Anciens). The club was officially registered in 2015 and the mission of the club is to unite fans of American vehicles, to represent their interests externally, to support the development of their activities, as well as other rights aimed at preserving historic vehicles in the Slovak Republic.

Statues of the club


Article I.

The Garage V8 Trnava American Vehicles Club is a voluntary, non‐political, non‐profit, interest association of citizens ‐ owners and fans ‐ of historic vehicles. This interest association is established in accordance with Act no. 83/90 Coll. on the association of citizens and is an independent legal entity.

The American Vehicle Club Garage V8 Trnava (hereinafter only Club), by agreement of its members, may accept collective membership in other organizations with a similar focus.


Article II.

The name of the association is considered to be the Club of American Vehicles Garage V8 Trnava, but for abroad American car club Garage V8 Trnava.

Club address: Bernolákova 21, 917 01 Trnava.

Chairman: Marek Brežný