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Renovation of vehicles from our collection

We do not always buy vehicles in a condition intended for driving. Our hobby is also renovation and then we enjoy driving even more, when there is a piece of our own work behind it. We have prepared for you several renovations of vehicles from our collection.

The Edsel Pacer is a car manufactured and sold by Edsel in 1958. The Pacer was built from a shorter, narrower Edsel Ranger platform shared with Ford. The pacer represented a step up from the Ranger model. All Pacers rode on a Ford wheelbase measuring 2997 mm, the engine had 363 horsepower. A three‐speed manual transmission was standard. Buyers could pay extra for a three‐speed automatic transmission or they could choose the Edsel´s Teletouch, which placed the drive selection buttons in the steering wheel.

Our Edsel Pacer 1958 was in good condition, but new paint and seat upholstery was already needed. As usual before painting, we removed all parts from the vehicle that would interfere by painting and the bare body went for sand‐blasting and painting. The seats were dismantled and handed over for upholstery, as the original fabric showed signs of the times. The engine, transmission and brakes, as well as all chrome parts, which have been given a new chrome shine, have also undergone a complete renovation.

After all these works, in which a number of experts took part, the owner began to assemble the vehicle in its original condition. It sounds simple, but assembly takes time. It pays to wait for good things and so the vehicle finally got its final appearance and since then it has driven several hundred kilometers and won several awards at various events.

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