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Renovation of vehicles from our collection

We do not always buy vehicles in a condition intended for driving. Our hobby is also renovation and then we enjoy driving even more, when there is a piece of our own work behind it. We have prepared for you several renovations of vehicles from our collection.

We would like to introduce you to the renovation of the Dodge Charger from 1972.

The vehicle was in good condition, but new paint and seat upholstery was already needed. As usual before painting, we removed lights, moldings, signs, seals, etc. from the vehicle and the bare body went for sand‐blasting and painting. The seats were dismantled and clogged for upholstery, as the original leather was already cracked in places. The engine, transmission and brakes have undergone a complete renovation, as well as all the chrome

parts that we have newly chromed.

After painting, the owner slowly began to assemble the vehicle to its original condition. These are very detailed works that require a lot of time and accuracy. Once the vehicle got its look, the upholstered seats were fitted and the engine modifications were fine‐tuned. The vehicle got its final look and has driven several hundred kilometers since then.